On the quest (panzerwalt) wrote in paradise_sector,
On the quest

moon 24

ok all moves have happened.

all battles should be 2000pt Gamma Secure and Control Mission with three Loot counters, but do not score points. the only thing that matters is capturing the Loot counters. whom ever holds the most wins. if you wipe out your opponent but he still has one loot and you have none he wins. this time it's not about killing it's about taking the objectives.

chaos also plays it's other Event card on Cb,
Extra Defences: pick one unit at any time. It will get 1d6+2 pieces of
Razor Wire or Tank Traps in it's next battle.
all games with Cb and M2 Chaos gets 1d6+2 pieces of
Razor Wire or Tank Traps.
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