On the quest (panzerwalt) wrote in paradise_sector,
On the quest

moon 24 turn 5

well that was interesting. looks like every battle was a draw. some more so then others but no major breakthroughs. all unit that attacked are back to were they attacked from. victory points stay the same. ELs have dropped. time for turn 5.


Initiative: swings to the Marines

Random Event: ohh one of my favorites.
Planetary Conjunction: the moon has moved into the planets shadow. all battles use night fight rules.
marines get a card they can hold on to. i will email it to them.

two notes:
one, take time for the week end. no need to hurry. every one enjoy the holiday.
two, what is your take on the campaign so far. are you having fun? i can see a few things that i can change. do you guys have any thoughts?
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