On the quest (panzerwalt) wrote in paradise_sector,
On the quest

Moon 24 end turn 6

The last few weeks of fighting have been bloody and telling. dissension amongst the troops of rebel marines has seen a change in leadership. as one of the warlords was brutally cut down and replaced by a new up and coming lieutenant.
heavy fighting continues near the northern refinery but is still locked in a stalemate. tho things are starting to look grim as both sides are running low on supplies. the next attack might be the telling one.
near by the Marines of army group M1 successfully fought off a chaos attack. sending the rebel forces back with heavy losses. tho even with this success things are not guarantied as all across the moon supplies are being stretched to there limit.

it looks like the marines has switched place with the hordes of chaos. lets see if they can make good there new position.


VPs Marines 22 Chaos 37

Initiative: chaos retains the initiative.

Random Event:
Marines: Heavy Artillery: Player gets 1 Orbital Bombardment (as in CODEX: DAEMONHUNTERS) for every game this turn.
Chaos: Hold in hand. will email it to you.

ok, the sooner you get your moves in the more time we will have to get your games in.
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