On the quest (panzerwalt) wrote in paradise_sector,
On the quest

moon 24

a major victory for the marines! ARMY m1 has broken through and scattered the chaos detachment C2. opening a hole in the chaos line. this could not come at a better time. for the moon will soon be going into it's winter cycle, during which the weather get so bad that movement on the planets surface become impossible. all ground operations will have to stop at that time.
at the other fronts the fighting continues. both side fighting on to exhaustion with little or no gain for either side.
will the victory in the north reinvigorate the marines? will they take the initiative ?

End turn 7 begin turn 8 (last turn)

this is the last turn of the game.

VPs Marines 21 Chaos 38

Initiative: marines gain the initiative

Random Event:
Marines: Reinforcements Card. you can hold on to it and play it
at any time. it will bring any one unit back up 4ELs. real helpful now. ^_~

Chaos: Silica Dust Storms. All battles fought this turn will have a dust storm in play. using the 40K Hazards http://oz.games-workshop.com/games/40k/gaming/hazards/default.htm Toxic Clouds: Metallic Terror to represent the dust clogging up machinery. if you have any problems with finding the rule on this let me know and i will email them to you.
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