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On the quest

final report

The storm roared out side of the temporary shelter as Vet Sargent Gaius Polished his armor. It was only three months ago that he first set foot on this desolate little moon but it felt like a life time. Back then he was just Trooper Gaius, funny how things change. Lightly brushing a hand over a purity seal. It was the first assault on the Wailing hills that he got it. Picking up his former Sargent's chainsword and leading what remained of his squad up hill 214. Even today he still caries that weapon. And it has served him well in this campaign, This long hard campaign. Glancing at his Battle honors he remember each as clearly as the day it happened. 1st, 2nd and 3rd assaults on the Wailing hills, 2nd Battle of the Pipeline, Ambush at Refinery 12, the Salt flats of Carpeli, the endless battle of Bloody canyon and finally the most resent, the Assault of Filling station Alpha. They had been so close to taking it. The traitorous scum knew the storms were coming, knew they would pin down any one in the open. that was why they fought so hard. one could tell they were nearly broken. just one more push would have had them, but this damned storm hit. well once it passes we shall be ready. there will be no place for them to hide. we shall be their judgement.

well after mine and myles battle yesterday i can say this campaign is over. yes there is still two battles to be fought but no matter what there outcome the VPs will stay the same.
Chaos won a major victory in the north and held off the Marines just long enough. they used up every last bit of their reserves, even pulling out strange alien technology to do so. if it wasn't for the storms it is likely the Marine could have just walked into Filling station Alpha.
down to the south the marines did a stunning job defending Filling station Beta. horrible luck fell upon the forces of chaos. they even lost a majority of their terminators when they telaported into a wall.
so as it stands the campaign is a draw by one point. very well played. i hope you all had a good time.

soooo... now we come to the part were i ask you what you all thought. i have already thought of a few changes my self, but pleas tell me of any thing you would like to see different.
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