On the quest (panzerwalt) wrote in paradise_sector,
On the quest

40k update

ug it has been awhile. the holiday season took me out fairly well this year. plus it doesn't help that many of the places i gamed have all closed. time i start looking for new shops to game at.
i got some new marines over the holidays. the new scouts and the new terminators. i have to say the new scouts pissed me off. they are form fitted so there is next to no ability to pose them any way i want. if i wanted static minis i would have gotten metal ones. there is three reason to make minis in plastic, 1:it's cheaper 2: more flexibility with the poses and 3: better detail to go with the flexibility. the scouts failed at all three. detail is no better them the metal ones. cost in no cheaper either. and they have modeled them with next to no flexibility. WTF! needles to say i'm a bit disappointed.
on the other hand the terminators we excellent. loved them. a little big but hey they're all getting bigger now a days. i'll see about getting some picks up soon.
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