Paradise Sector

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Paradise Sector is a Warhammer 40k gaming group who are based in Seattle WA. USA. Here we will discus 40k, add fluff to our sector, post pictures, and generally muck about. We have set up our own sector of space so as to add a bit of a story to our games. (You can see it here.) Thus making them much more enjoyable. We also do a lot of campaigns and they are not overly hampered by distance. So we are always happy to have new players join up.

our main players are.

Walter panzerwalt *mod*
Space Marines, Chaos Marines,Orks, Tao, IG, LatD, DH, Sisters

Myles myles_otter
Eldar, Space Marines, Chaos Marines, Necrons, Tyranids

Aaron triplesicks
Space Marines, Chaos Marines, IG, LatD